Story got bejected, but I sure don’t care.
Dancing on the front porch, dancing on the kitchen chair.
Dancing in the front room, dancing on the front room couch.
Kicking knees and heels up sure beats yelling, “They don’t like me! Ouch!”

Story got bejected, so what’s up with that?
Lots of markets out there, so I grab the cat
(No-no, that’s the mean one–grab the other one)
Waltz and do the polka. Yeah, bejection’s fun.

Sent the story off to another market which I EXPECT to reject it. Meanwhile, I’m lining up potential markets that might actually buy it. It’s a good story, if I do say so myself. 🙂


writing prompt: How does your main character handle rejection? How does his/her cat handle your main character’s handling of rejection?