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Star Trek: The Original Series

Hizzoner Mudd
Illustrated by C.J. Peyton
The second of my Harry Mudd stories. The first was transmogrified into an original novel, which goes by the name of FORCE OF HABIT. Hizzoner Mudd appeared in Masiform D #11(Poison Pen Press), February, 1981.The character of Lieutenant Tetra was originally created by Jane Peyton. The dialog I wrote for Tetra and the actions and attitudes I gave her were based on the character as Jane created her and put her forward in a series of letters years ago. I have her permission to use Lt. Tetra in my writing.The prior incident referred to in Conference Room B took place in a story called Mudd in Your Eye, which appeared in MASIFORM D #9. I have since rewritten it, changing all the characters except Tetra, Bel, and Desk Sergeant Pel Darzin, and expanding it to book length.

The fuzziness in the illos is no fault of C.J. Peyton’s. This story was published in the dear dead days of mimeograph on odd-colored paper with lots of stringy bits in. The stringy bits make the original paper interesting to look at, but scans come out all spotty. Sorry.

Mudd of the Bounding Main
Illustrated by C.J. Peyton
Bel returns to Llannonn to lead a VIP tour group, where she and the group are kidnapped by pirates. Kidnapped by pirates is good…. Mudd of the Bounding Main appeared in Masiform D #14 (Poison Pen Press), May, 1984. See Links for ordering information. Apologies to C.J. Peyton and fans for any diminution in quality and quantitiy in transferring the wonderful illustrations to the web.
Beau Mudd
Illustrated by C.J. Peyton
Harry Mudd turns up on a planet that worships — literally — The Almighty Dollar. Originally published in Devra Langsam’s Masiform D #16 (Poison Pen Press), September 1988.
On the Rocks
The Feds return to Iotia, scene of “A Piece of The Action”. Originally published in Devra Langsam’s Masiform D #18 (Poison Pen Press), 17 May, 1998. For those who find her too “Mary Sue” for their tastes, a Bel-free offering.

The Pretender

Romantic Interlude
Syd checks out the library.
Syd and the Puzzle of Non-Locality (or Spooky Action at Distance)
Another Michelle-free Sydney romance. Syd attends a conference and learns something about physical science.
In Heaven a Full Hour
Proof that, contrary to popular opinion, I do not hate poor dear Michelle.

Early Edition/Pretender Crossover

Chicago Phoenix
Crossover featuring characters from The Pretender and Early Edition. Gary and Jarod come to the rescue of an SL-27 survivor’s daughter — whether she likes it or not!