…but the colder it gets, the more I sing it.

A Penguin For A Pet

I want a penguin for a pet!
(a penguin for a pet)
How cute can you get?
(cute can you get)
The little ones are fuzzy and the big ones are slick –
They waddle and they wobble – Just to see ’em gets me tickled.
Let me have a penguin!
Gotta have a penguin!
I’ll raise him from a baby –
Don’t say “No” or “Maybe” –
Let me have a penguin for a pet!!


writing prompt: What kind of pet would your character like when it’s cold? If your character has a pet, is it a good one for cold weather or a bad one, or are the reviews mixed? (Cats are cozy, but they don’t want to go outside to do their “business”. Dogs are homey, but they get ice in their pads….)