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Mom has commandeered me to run errands this morning–not quite sure where we’re going, but we’re GOING. I might take a copy of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. to the tattoo studio out by the vet’s and present it to the owner, since one of my two stories in it features tattoos in a positive light.

Then I’m going to a meeting at 2:30 about a book fair being planned for the Louisville area in October (date not set yet), open to all writers, subject to approval by the committee, whoever that turns out to be.

Tonight is the Friends of Harrison County Library meeting in the … duh … library. That always moves along briskly, lots of business taken care of snip-snap and home. Usually lasts about an hour.

Mom and I are watching DVDs of SLINGS AND ARROWS. A friend bought all three seasons and sent them to us, so we’re having a riot! The Canadian take on Americans is slanderous, but serves us well back for all the Canadians in American shows who say “eh?” at the end of every sentence. heh.


Writing prompt: Create a character who doesn’t care for “culture” but has one Shakespeare play he/she ADORES. Why?

I had a booksigning at the Harrison County Library and I’m MOST pleased! I know 10 copies doesn’t sound like a lot to sell, but some of the people who bought copies don’t even know me! So I’m happy, even if I didn’t get one single word written for NaNoWriMo.

signingReading from left to right: mug that looks like it’s a brick wall with HAPPY HOLIDAYS spray-painted on it, which I had a drawing to give away. JACKIE–CONGRATULATIONS! sheet for people to sign up to be notified of future signings. Stand-up poster of cover with price written on side. books. Christmas candy to give away and paper bag for wrappers. Behind the desk–Me, dressed to match the cover so people would instantly associate me with the book.

Mom asked me to take her laptop this morning, when we worked at the Friends of Harrison County Book Box. I expected to download her updates and then get some writing done, but then she needed a virus and spyware scan and they needed to be cleaned up, and then something else and something else so I ended up not getting any writing done.

Then the signing was great. Samantha came in and stayed the whole time, and it was WONDERFUL to get the chance to visit with her–there never seems to be time, and we had a good long visit. Jackie came in, with the cutest brown wool hat covering her chemo-bald head. Bless her heart, she is such a sweetie. Jeremiah came in with his bride Lorna–SUCH a pretty woman! Carol came in, and she and Samantha and I talked NaNoWriMo a little, since we’re all trying it this year. A woman who’s writing a children’s book that sounds like a sure winner came in, and a little girl came up to talk to “the writer” because she says she wants to be a writer–she says she makes up stories all the time and her mother writes down the words. Her first name is Danielle, and I’ve already forgotten her last name. I should have written it down. Maybe it’ll come to me. If it does, I’ll post it, and we can all watch for her in the future!


Writing prompt: Who is your main character’s favorite living author? Invent one, if you like. If your character were walking past a bookstore and saw that author doing a signing, would he/she go to it? What would he/she say?

I did my Chronicles yesterday. Haven’t uploaded them yet, but I got them written. Whew!

Mom and I are working at the Book Box today, the Friends of Harrison County Library’s book sale building. I bought a few books–of course–even though I’m supposed to be getting RID of books. I got a world almanac that is about fifteen years more recent that the one I have now, a reference book for my Chronicles and a WWII escape book. I love books about people surviving against great odds, probably because I doubt I could. You know the old pioneer slogan, “The cowards never started, and the weak died on the way”? Well, I wouldn’t have started. If somebody came up and suggested I climb into a covered wagon and travel across the country with no potty breaks, I would have given them A Look and said, “As if!”

So Mom said I should come over to the library and get started on my NEXT week’s Chronicles. And here I am, posting instead. That’s one of the benefits of getting older. If I get caught, I can claim I forgot what I came over here to do.


writing prompt: You’re offered the chance to do something dangerous, exciting, important and experimental. Do you do it or not? What are the consequences?

Charlie finished finishing my office. Now I have to organize it. That means taking everything off the shelves, sorting it, tossing as much as possible, and putting things back in a new and more efficient arrangement. I had planned on taking the next two days to do nothing else, but OF COURSE several things have come up that require immediate attention. Never mind what–too boring even for this, the most boring blog in the universe. Here is a picture of one side of the office, with Katya using The Old Gray Brick for the only thing it’s good for, now that its board is blown. It makes a very nice base for a performance piece called “Cat Napping”.

This is the other side. I’ve already begun clearing shelves. It’s astounding, the amount of stuff I thought I needed that I don’t need, or forgot I had. I’ve turned up some treasures, but mostly junk. I’ll have bags and bags of books to take to the Friends of Harrison County Library’s Book Box, the used book sale building. Mom and I will be working there this Saturday, so I won’t even have to make an extra trip.

Wonder when I’ll get to writing my Chronicles for next week? Friday? Saturday? SUNDAY?


writing prompt: What’s lost on a jumbled shelf or in a crammed drawer in your character’s office or home?


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