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Still snowy. Still something wrong with this frackin’ dial-up connection. *grump grump grumble*

Had to cancel SO many fun things this week because of the weather. Can’t do SO many things online because of the bad connection.

The TWN customer assistance lady yesterday, Ana, was major super double-plus-good, though. I hated to get off the phone with her. I bonded, I really did. She was so genuinely friendly and funny and kind and went WAY out of her way to help. It’s only because of her tracking down a working connection number that I’m on at all. When I get rich, I’m going to see if she’ll come to work for me as a personal assistant. Or, better yet, set her up in her own business and we can be friends and have lunch together and stuff.

Forrest, the neighbors’ crazy-go-nuts white dog, is here again. They try to keep him in a large fenced yard, but he likes it here and escapes whenever he can to come play with our black lab. They’re having a great time out there, romping all over. I don’t mind his being here right now, because I’m not going outside, though I hope he doesn’t interfere with the grandson’s sledding later. Forrest is one of those dogs who thinks people are holograms or something. He doesn’t knock you down on purpose, or even out of high spirits, the way our dog does, he just doesn’t understand why he can’t occupy the same space you do at the same time. They should have named him Quantum or something.

I need to go sit down and work on a story for Sword and Sorceress. I wasn’t in last year’s anthology, partly because I missed the frackin’ deadline, like a dope. The reading period is only a month, and it’s coming right up. It would help if it weren’t taking ten times as long to do my online stuff, but oh, well, that’s just an excuse, and a mighty poor one, at that.

No snappies again today. I tried, but it’s just taking too long to upload one.


writing prompt: Your character spends most of the day with tech support. Good experience, bad experience or mixed bag? Anything come of it, other than the resolution or non-resolution of the presenting problem?

Full day today. Taking Mom to eye doctor, then going to the grocery. Looks like a pretty day, in spite of the forecast of storms and thunderstorms for the next 40 days and 40 nights. They said it was going to storm all day yesterday, too, but we had some drizzle once and a cloudburst, and the rest of the day was fine.

Charlie’s family came over for their monthly get-together, which it was our turn to host. Charlie and #3 daughter worked like dogs–a hell of a lot harder than any dog WE ever had–to get the place looking great. They repainted the playhouse and cleaned it top to bottom. The kids had a blast in it.

That Dog was here, of course–Forrest. I would call him my bete noir, but he’s white, and bete blanc just doesn’t sound as scary. He isn’t exactly a scary dog, unless you’re between him and foodstuffs. A nice dog, but single-minded. I still have the scars. He and our dog, Joe, kept me up until about 3 this morning, fighting over who was going to sneak onto the porch and rub mud on it. Every time I would drop off to sleep, WHUFF! WHUFFWHUFF! Apparently, Forrest won, because I got up this morning to find Joe sitting in the middle of the driveway so I could clearly see HE was the GOOD one and was NOT on the porch. Neither was Forrest on the porch, once I reasoned gently with him by means of an umbrella. I called his daddy on him, and he’s gone for the moment.

Now that I’ve missed the deadline for SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIV, I feel as if a load has been lifted. I really really wanted to be in it again this year, and I really really like the story I’m writing, but I started it too late, and I felt like I was pushing it. I can usually write a story quickly when I need to–professional, and all that–but I’m kind of fragmented right now. Need to get my ducks in a row, my beans counted and my head on straight. Need to clean out my chiche closet and swap for some new ones.


writing prompt: Have a character open the door and find a strange dog on the porch.

I got home from church this morning, and guess who was here to greet me? Forrest. Yes, Forrest, the dog who knocked me down. He was tearing around at full speed, SO happy to be back! I got out my camera and waited for him to run up close but, when he did, Joe (the Noble Hound) got between us and growled and chased him away. We went to Charlie’s brother James’ for Easter and, when we got back, Forrest was gone. Don’t know if Joe chased him away or, more likely, Forrest’s people came and got him. They know where to look, now.

Church was very jolly, with lots of people there we haven’t seen for a while. Billy White came, which was great. Billy used to come when he was a young boy, and then he stopped, but he came back to visit this Sunday. He’s a great guy–a young adult, now, going to IUS. He’s always been into opera and all kinds of music, and that’s what he’s studying. I wish he would come back all the time so Sue and I would have somebody else to talk opera with, but I don’t really expect it.

We sing the best songs at Easter–In The Garden and He Arose, and we get to trash-talk the grim reaper: “Oh, Death, where is thy sting? Where thy victory, O Grave?” Like, “Yo–Death! Yeah, I’m talkin’ ta YOU! Whe’s yeh sting? Eh? Eh? Yeah, whe’s yeh sting? I GOT yeh sting, Death–I got yeh sting right heah. Oh, yeah? Got yeh homey Grave wit’ yeh, huh? Gotta have some backup, huh? Well, BRING IT!” heeeee!

No Easter basket–boo hoo for me. Just didn’t do it.

ME: I think this is the first time in my whole life the Easter Bunny didn’t come.

CHARLIE (apologetically): Things just slip up on me, and then they’re here and it’s too late.

ME: I chose not to put anything together.


ME: Yeah. We don’t need all that crap.

CHARLIE: That’s right. We don’t.

ME: Besides, everything will be cheaper tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m a woman of principle. And not much capital.


Writing prompt: What’s in YOUR character’s Easter basket?

The first day of the ice storm, who do you think showed up? Forrest, the dog who knocked me down. Apparently, his people have NOT taken him to Elizabeth, but this is the first time he’s shown up in a while. As I said, they’re very nice people, and he’s a very nice dog, but he doesn’t realize how BIG he is. I have some pictures to show you how big he is. Forrest is the white one. The Lab/Dalmatian/Mutt is Joe, our dog. Actually, he belongs to our oldest grandson, and his name (the dog’s, not the grandson’s) is Jolteon or something–some kind of Manga game name. We call him Joe. Forrest looks rather fierce in this picture, but he’s really a sweetie.


This is too close for comfort. Fortunately, he did not mistake the camera for food, or my next shot would have been of his tonsils.


We used to think that Joe was a big dog….


I called and told them NOT to come get him for a couple of days, because trees and power lines were coming down like autumn leaves, and I didn’t want anybody getting hurt. He just had a sleepover with our dog and went home when the roads were clear.

We had a big windstorm last night, but didn’t lose power, thank goodness. Three weeks without LOST would have hurt me BAD.


Writing prompt: Make a character have to deal with a neighbor’s dog.

I’m blogging at the coffee house this morning. It’s been spitting snow all morning and they’re playing Christmas music, and town already had Light Up Corydon, so it’s CHRISTMAS! Yesterday was the First Sunday of Advent, too, so even GOD says it’s the Christmas season. ha!

Here are some pictures of our pretty town, all Christmassed up:

NOPE! I ran out of time and had to come home. I’m hoping I can get back in town tomorrow and post some pictures.

Had a great time this morning. I went to breakfast with my husband and some of his buds.

Sad news, though: Joy’Z Diner, where we like to have breakfast and lunch, is closing. Their rent got raised $500 a month!!! Not to $500 a month, mind you, but by $500 a month. If what they were paying a month wasn’t enough, I wonder how nothing a month is going to work out? 😦

Good news: I went to the coffee house and Butchie was in, playing classical and semi-classical guitar. Christina was there, working away on her Mac. And Charlie (husband) came in after his buds left to say hi and see where I hang out. 🙂

Now I’m home, which is always nice. Forrest was here–a neighbor dog. He’s HUGE but very sweet-natured. Trouble is, he terrifies the small grandchildren just because he’s the size of a pony, and he’s a pack magnet. When he isn’t here, our dog plays alone, or with our daughter’s dog. When Forrest is here, the Schmeltzhounds come up, and Tito from down the street, and Charlie said today a couple of beagles and a frolic of puppies were here, too! That’s gone beyond a pack–that’s like DogTown, USA.

Well, that’s enough of that.


Writing prompt: Make a character who’s scared of dogs. Come up with a weird reason.


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