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The morning has closed in on me. It SNOWED last night, but Charlie says it’s a light snow, and shouldn’t keep me from doing what I need to get out and do today.

I’m trying to get the hang of Goodreads and trying to sign up for Amazon’s Author pages. Not enough time or bandwidth…. I guess this will be a go-to-town project. Shall I go to the coffee house, where the broadband is reliable, but I’m constantly distracted by the wonderful people who come and go, or shall I go to the library, where I can hide in a corner but the broadband is sometimes great and sometimes droppy? I dunno. I dunno.

I’m excited about D. B. Grady coming to visit the BLAHG on March 3!

Oh, gosh, I have to go eat something and then start the day. No rest for the wicked.


writing prompt: Have a character meet an author whose book he/she just read and enjoyed.

Yeah, it’s been Tuesday for at least a week today. If I’d had one more thing to do, I’d have fissioned into twins.

Morning: picked up Mom and ran errands and went to grocery. Forgot to bring books she had repaired for library. Forgot to call in prescriptions to drug store. Still had plenty of errands. Went to vet, were told she needed to give cats pills to kill their fleas, laughed uproariously. Bought groceries, visited with many friends who were also at grocery.

Afternoon: came home from grocery, threw groceries in the general direction of pantry/fridge/freezer. Called in prescriptions. Picked up Mom and repaired library books and went to Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon. Carly of Viola’s Gallery gave report on the catacombs of Paris, which thrilled my Goth heart to the core. I sold some copies of THE GIFT OF MURDER, for the benefit of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and Community Services of Harrison County. Took repaired books to library and got more damaged books. Picked up prescriptions.

Later: Came home, stuffed Ozzie (cat) into carrier and Sweetie-Pie (cat) into harness. Wrestled them into car. Took them to vet. Held them while vet’s assistant pilled them with minimal bloodletting. They did not scratch or bite ME, naturally. They don’t have death wishes. Held them while vet’s assistant shaved hilarious patches of hair off their backs, flea medicine, for application of. Brought cats home.

Later: Made supper: Jowl bacon, biscuits and eggs, including marmalade.


Now on my way to Mom’s to watch a tape of last night’s Castle.

Picture me as one of the watches in Dali’s picture “Persistence of Memory”.


writing prompt: What picture would represent you today?

Mom and I have been to the farmer’s market this morning, and I’ve come back with some tomatoes, some sweet bi-color corn, a turnip, an eggplant and a humorous vegetable. Now, Terry humourous vegPratchett fans know that, when he references a humorous vegetable, it’s generally something like a carrot and the humorous shape is generally implied to be…well…if your mind is dirty enough, you snicker. If your mind is not sufficiently corrupt, you go, “So what shape IS it, already??!!?” Mine is shaped like a funny pictures of cats with captionsduck, in case the picture isn’t clear.

And, by a remarkable coincidence, there was a humorous vegetable post on I Can Has Cheezburger today. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Later today, Mom and I are going into Corydon to the square for the Women in Business showcase. Last year was when we learned about A.J.’s, so we’re looking forward to new discoveries this year. We’re pretty sure Sandra of Colokial will be there, maybe with some of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) merchandise she said she was getting in. Ever since I was a tad, reading Ray Bradbury, I’ve wanted to crunch a sugar skull. –They don’t call me MomGoth for nothing, you know.

We’ll leave the showcase for the Presbyterian Church open house. We have a lot of friends who attend that church, plus they’re serving food, so you just KNOW we’re gonna be there!

Tomorrow is not my birthday, but it is one of our multi-person family birthday parties. Charlie’s birthday is this month, mine is this month, one of the SIL’s is this month, and another SIL’s was last month, but he wanted to lump his in with ours, so he’s having a late celebration. If I don’t get around to posting tomorrow, that’ll be why.

I’m Worship Leader and Deacon at church tomorrow, so brace yourself for a possible report on that. My readership drops from not many to practically none whenever I post about church, spirituality, religion or anything randomly connected with those topics, but God-God-God-Godilly-God, one of the beauties of not having an actual fan base is that one need have no fear of losing it. That’s what we depressives call looking on the bright side. heh!


writing prompt: Give two or three of your characters sugar skulls and see how they react. Give them little sugar skulls in paper sacks or in their hands or at a booth, I mean. But, if you want to actually endow one or more characters with actual personal skulls made out of sugar, that’s okay, too.

I’m running sideways to keep from flying today. Mom and I worked at the Friends of the Library Book Box (book sale room) this morning. We went to the farmers’ market first–still only three vendors. We hope it’ll pick up as the season goes on. I was disappointed not to find any lettuce or spinach or other greens. A friend showed up and got some turnip greens as a byproduct of turnips, but that was about it.

We got some green tomatoes and green beans and I got a little head of broccoli. Hope there’ll be more at the Tuesday market.

Then we came home and programmed our route into the GPS for the open house we’re going to tonight for a couple of friends’ renewal of marriage vows.

Now we’re going to our #1 daughter’s to visit with some friends from Louisville.shawl

shawlbagYesterday evening, we went to Colokial, where they had music, food and lots of company. The food wasn’t free, but it smelled divine. We had expected snackies, so we had already eaten, but we visit with our friends who were there and, of course, shopped. Mom bought me a gorgeous embroidered thingy–like a shawl, only a long rectangle. I told them I didn’t need it in a bag, but they insisted. So here is a picture of the bag as well as a picture of the shawl.

They’re working on a website, but don’t have one yet.

Now I have to go and do some doin’s.


writing prompt: What’s embroidered on your main female character’s shawl? If she doesn’t wear shawls, give her one from somewhere or other.

All right, I said I was going to post about the Kentucky Opera but I didn’t post yesterday. Dang-alang–the day was just PACKED! I didn’t even get to hunt mushrooms, so boo-hoo for me.

Mom and I went to the grocery and to run forty-‘leven errands. When we got home, daughter #4 and husband arrived for their promised visit. Had a GREAT visit, if you want to know. They left about 6 and I left for the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group meeting. Got back about 9:30 too pooped to pop.

So now you know.backstage

ANYWAY, Wednesday Mom and I went to the Kentucky Opera do-dah at the Brown Theater, had lunch on the stage and then took a tour. Naturally, I had to take a picture of backstage at the elegant Brown. How regular people are supposed to get up or down these stairs is a mystery to me, let alone women on huge gowns or Luciano Pavarotti. But OMG, I do so love any kind of theater.  Ingmar Bergman’s THE MAGIC FLUTE is the BEST opera film EVER because he shows the backstage and onstage and how reality and suspension of reality swirl around each other in the creative production process. It works the same in writing–You sit down and write a scene where something you JUST NOW WROTE happens to somebody YOU MADE UP, and you cry from your heart.

piratescostumes1On the subject of The Magic Flute, one of my grandsons was addicted to that film when he was 3-4. He was too young to be able to read the sub-titles, so he was constantly startling us by bursting into song in Swedish, copying the sounds he was hearing unfettered by the words we were reading. It’s an eerie feeling, playing Legos with your infant grandson on an overcast day and having him sing the Queen of the Night’s Revenge Aria in your ear… in Swedish….

But anyway, the best part of the tour was when we met Josette, the Costume Mistress. She’s a charming and beautiful woman, and allowed us into her domain with gracious hospitality and shared a bit of her life with us. The first thing we saw when we came through the door was a box of costume props for PIRATES OF PENZANCE, one of our favorite Gilbert and Sullivan light operas. Wheee!costumes

I also took a picture of costumes hanging on a rack. They look kind of forlorn, with no people in them and no magic around them.

So that was our visit to the Brown. Oh, they’re doing LA TRAVIATA, OF MICE AND MEN, and HANSEL AND GRETEL this fall. I’ll post more about LA TRAVIATA, if I don’t forget.

Now I have to go work on my Culinary Chronicles for the coming week, which I HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN YET!


Writing prompt: What would be a funny or touching movie for a child to be hooked on?

As if.

Church this morning, hoping last night’s wet snow hasn’t made the roads icy. Then we have a birthday party for 4-yr-old grandson. His mom was going to have it at their house, but she has a water leak so I got the call last night–It’s at my house. That means I have to freakin’ dust and vacuum, and it isn’t even spring. I also want to bake something. #3 daughter is bringing a grocery  store bakery cake, but that’s so yuck.

#4 daughter is coming to visit, too, which is always a delight, but a busy one–I don’t think we would run out of things to talk about in… well… ever.

So it’s another busy day, lala.


Writing prompt: If you had a surprise birthday party — I mean, it’s a surprise to you that you’re GIVING it — would you cut church to get ready?

Yesterday was just PACKED. Went to church, of course–LOVE IT. Full of people I really really like and spiritual refreshment and challenges to live more courageously and generously.

Then we had the birthday party for #1 daughter and my mother. All the girls and all children and (almost) all spouses. A fine time was had by all.

#4 daughter stayed and went with Mom and me to the benefit buffet at Magdalena’s for Cheryl Leutheart. The place was packed. All the food and all the service and all the price of the buffet donated to Cheryl to help with her bills while she’s in the hospital. Even tips were being put into the kitty for her. They were also selling raffle tickets for donated items, so I signed a copy of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. and donated it. Mom bought some tickets and got a call saying she had won a prize and could choose from…and they listed the prizes that were left. Sounded like all of them, except the Ghost book! 🙂

We came back and #4 daughter visited with her dad while I went to Mom’s. We watched the 3rd ep of this season of LOST and the first episode of MONK, which we got from the library.

Home, popcorn, LOST IN A GOOD BOOK and so to sleep.

And I wonder (no, I don’t) why nobody reads this blog.


Writing prompt: What is your main character reading now? What is your villain reading?

Mom has commandeered me to run errands this morning–not quite sure where we’re going, but we’re GOING. I might take a copy of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. to the tattoo studio out by the vet’s and present it to the owner, since one of my two stories in it features tattoos in a positive light.

Then I’m going to a meeting at 2:30 about a book fair being planned for the Louisville area in October (date not set yet), open to all writers, subject to approval by the committee, whoever that turns out to be.

Tonight is the Friends of Harrison County Library meeting in the … duh … library. That always moves along briskly, lots of business taken care of snip-snap and home. Usually lasts about an hour.

Mom and I are watching DVDs of SLINGS AND ARROWS. A friend bought all three seasons and sent them to us, so we’re having a riot! The Canadian take on Americans is slanderous, but serves us well back for all the Canadians in American shows who say “eh?” at the end of every sentence. heh.


Writing prompt: Create a character who doesn’t care for “culture” but has one Shakespeare play he/she ADORES. Why?

  • baked bread for breakfast and lunch
  • made and ate breakfast
  • washed, dried and put away 3 loads of laundry
  • studied some Spanish
  • answered some email
  • made some Springerles and put them to dry–have to dry for at least 12 hours–hope the cats don’t whizz on them….
  • spot-cleaned carpet that Al DID use
  • washed dishes from cooking and breakfast and lunch
  • sent synopsis of SAGE to Norilana Books (wheeeeee!)
  • boiled chicken bones to make a base for soup for supper
  • worked a little on a story to submit to Sword and Sorceress for 2009
  • talked to Butch Ragland on the phone–he’s a hoot, that’s what he is, with a capital H

I think I’m going to make chicken vegetable soup with barley for supper. Chop up potatoes, onions, celery and carrot and boil them in chicken stock. Add whatever good chicken can be picked off the bones. Toss in a little quick barley, maybe some frozen lima beans, some herbs (prolly sage, oregano, parsley and marjoram). I think I’ll make a salad of romaine lettuce and raisins and almonds or something like that, and bake some more hard rolls.

Beth, our #2 daughter, brought us some eggs from her chickens, and we had some for breakfast and I used some to make the Springerles. Fresh eggs are so GOOD and so pretty! If you’ve never seen a fresh egg, the yolks are almost orange (huevos anaranjado) and they color everything you bake with them yellow. You can really see the difference, and we think you can really taste the difference. Thank you, chickies!


Writing prompt: Write a thank you note to a chicken. I’m not kidding.

I have no idea if that’s right or not. I’ve been listening to RUSH HOUR SPANISH, trying to pick up enough to give my new El Salvadoran sister-in-law some comfort and companionship, and the title of this post is supposed to mean, “no time to breathe”.

That’s today–and I don’t know the Spanish for “running sideways to keep from flying.”

Mom and I are working in The Book Box, the Friends of Harrison County Library book sale building, from 9-12. From 1-4, the Southern Indiana Writers and I have a signing at the library. From 7 to ?, there’s a FREE Lorinda Jones concert at the Presbyterian Church to benefit Community Services. There’s a Move On meeting in there, somewhere, but I have to pee sometime.


Writing Prompt: concoct a busy day for your least favorite character of your own or of somebody else’s. TV characters count.


Here is where I ramble on about whatever happens to fall through my mind. I also have a professional site, where I post about my books, stories, news and appearances. Every month, I post a “Hot Flash” there–a story or prose poem of about 50 words. I hope you enjoy your visit. –Marian Allen

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