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sagerockMy mom bought me this fake rock at The Dollar Tree. It’s supposed to go in the garden to mark your herb planting, but this one is not going there. For one thing, if I put anything in the garden Charlie would go ape-shi… Librarian-poo. Since he’s the one who weeds it, he gets to say what goes in it. For another thing, my sage is in a planter box up on the porch, and I know both where it is and what it is.

Mostly, it’s going in my office because Mom bought it for a reason: SAGE is the name of my Big Fat Fantasy novel. It took me about 15 years to get it the way I like it, what with conflicting advice from a series of agents, time out to raise kids and work on short stories and other books etc. etc.

My #4 daughter grew up with SAGE. She knows the characters better than I do, myself. She keeps me from just putting it aside and not trying to sell it. I’m like, “I’m totally satisfied with it the way it is. If I sold it, they would probably want me to change it, the way the agents did, and that eventually killed it. I brought it back to life, and I’m not going to kill it again.”

On the other hand, Norilana Books, which has published two of my stories in their SWORD AND SORCERESS series, has replied to a query and has said I could send a book proposal in May, so I will do that. Vera Nazarian is one of the world’s best editors and one of the world’s best writers, so I would totally trust and editorial suggestions she would have. I only hope she accepts the book. If she doesn’t…. The book is exactly the book I want it to be, so I’m satisfied.

How boring of me!


Writing prompt: Take a scene you’ve written that you really like. Write down a list of the things you like about it. Rewrite it, changing one of those things. Does it make the scene better? Worse? No difference?

It’s quite chilly today, but the sky is so blue, shading into high white clouds, the kind that don’t have edges so that the sky looks like a watercolor wash. The air is so clear I could almost think I had new glasses.

I got the first shipment of my book order from Norilana Books yesterday: I ordered ten copies of last year’s SWORD AND SORCERESS XXII, with my story “Child of Ice, Child of Flame”. I also ordered… I don’t remember… a bunch of copies of this year’s SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIII, with my story “Undivided”. I hope at least some of the new book come by the December 13 signing. I thought I might offer a “twofer” deal until supplies of the old book run out.

I totally LOVE these covers!


Writing prompt: What is your character looking for UPS or FedEx to deliver?

Katya (The Good One)

Katya (The Good One)

Al (The Bad One)

Al (The Bad One)

I was on my way out of the house when I caught one of the cats peeing in the front closet. This cleared up a point of contention between my husband and me, as he’s been accusing MY cat of being the Secret Pisser. So Katya has been VINDICATED and CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES.

After I cleaned up the mess and freshened the air, I left. Came back because I forgot my keys and left. Came back because I forgot the book I wanted to give Butchie and left. Stopped off to visit with Mom and have a cup of her good coffee and pick up some letters she wanted mailed and left.

I went to the Cafe on the Square and got a little writing done but Charlene Burke, the new friend I met yesterday, turns out to be an art-quality beader, and I had to go to her blog and then to her flickr sets to look at her beading creations. Drooling on the keyboard….

Gave Butchie his copy of GHOSTS… ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE.

Then I met Joy and T and Joanna of Southern Indiana Writers for lunch at Magdalena’s and arranged for a signing there from 9-noon on November 28, the day after Thanksgiving. Pray for us. The others had to move on, but I came to the library and arranged for us to do a signing here on Saturday, December 13 from 1-4 pm.

SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIII is out and available!! I should have some copies at the library signing. Wheeee! Here is a review that I think I may frame! The author of it, by the way, is no relation to me, despite the same last name.

And now my time at the library is over and I must go home, having written a mere 712 words so far today on my NaNoWriMo book. I am, however, up to 29,000 words, so I’m fairly well on track.


Writing prompt: A person or animal accused of doing something wrong is vindicated. A simple plot, but a good, tried-and-true one.

No, I don’t have my printer working right. I’m celebrating my book video. I made it all my own little self. It’s lame, I know–no sound, no film footage, no special effects, but I did it.

Sword and Sorceress book trailer
My story is on page 192. <grin>


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