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When Mom and I ate at Lisa’s Sports Bar and Grill, we parked at the side and, when I came out, I found we had a great view across the creek of these tiny cabins. They’re part of the Grand Trailstinies RV park, which I have not yet but absolutely MUST tour.

I’m a total freak about tiny houses, and I’m aching to know if these have… er… necessaries…. I know there are some cabins, no larger than these, that are complete. One of these fine days, I’ll get it together and arrange a tour for myself.

Anyway, I saw these tiny little houses, and they made me so happy! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live in a tiny little house like this, with high-speed wireless and devices so you could get movies and books? Back in the day, people lived in very small houses. As the docent at Elvis’ tiny little house in Tupelo told us, people then used their houses as places to eat and sleep, but they LIVED outside where they worked.

It would probably drive me totally nuts, but it makes me happy to think about it. For one thing, I’d have a prayer of keeping it clean, though probably not uncluttered. And I just like Stuff too much–my emo birds, my Leah Porter sculpture, the feel of books in my hands…. Yeah, I’m kidding myself. But the fantasy still makes me happy. So there.


Writing prompt: What kind of house does your character (main, villain, projected) live in? What kind does he/she think he/she wants to live in? What kind does he/she REALLY want to live in?

First, a couple of things I forgot yesterday. Leah was giving away these packets. She had them distributed around the room in bowls and told everybody to take one. Different years, she has different things. One year, she had hand-made paper bookmarks with sayings written on them in calligraphy, and you could have the calligrapher write your name on the other side. One year, she had rocks with words attached to them (I’ll put up a picture of the one I got another time).

Mom and I were wondering on the way home what was in the packets.

I thought maybe there were different kinds of seeds in different packets–maybe seeds Leah had left over from her spring planting, or maybe seeds from plants in her garden. I’m told she has a wonderful hosta garden, so maybe hosta seeds?

Mom was certain they were hyacinth bean seeds. Hyacinth beans make a very pretty plant, with little purple flowers that mature into purple pods. I don’t think the beans are edible, but the plant, flowers and pods are very pretty.

So we got home and opened our packets and they contained–seed beads! *laughing* I make jewelry out of beads, so OF COURSE I’ll have to make something out of Leah’s beads to wear to next year’s art show. There aren’t enough to make a whole string, and not a good selection to make a pair of earrings, but I could do a necklace pendant with them, maybe. It’ll be fun to use my imagination and see what I can come up with that’ll make her laugh next year.

I also forgot to post one of the pictures I took. Leah had several of these–I think she called them wrapped fencing. She said next year she might just do a bunch of these, not for sale but just to do them and put them out on the lawn and do a “garden tour” through them. Leah, how about a labyrinth? Anyway, here’s the picture:

Doesn’t do it justice, but it gives you a little idea. These are gorgeous, take my word for it.

So here’s the piece I bought. First, the tag:

The piece is so much more beautiful and intriguing than my pictures can show. The way the light plays on the beads, the way the “branches” bog and sway with a touch, the way the “fruit” dangles and turns–none of that really shows up well, but that can’t be helped. I’ve never seen a piece of art in person that wasn’t beyond telling better than any picture of it. Leah would want me to draw your attention to the one red bead hanging off the end of one of the “fruits”. It’s important.

So there it is. My happy little sculpture, which will be on my happy little desk as soon as I clear my happy little office of all the happy little crap that has invaded it over the years. I’m getting there. I’m getting there.


writing prompt: What is the biggest question that perplexes your character? This should not be a goal the character is trying to figure out how to achieve (how can I get that promotion), but a question (who is my real mother, why is there air).

Wow. It was great–fabulous–the best ever! The quilts and watercolors and layered wooden ware were gorgeous. There were shallow bowls shaped like various kinds of leaves which I don’t seem to have gotten any pictures of. But what really blew me away, as always, were the wire and glass creations by Leah Porter and her sister Susannah Hebert.

As soon as we walked into the Leora Brown School, we were stunned by this fantasy stream and the “waterfall” that fed it. Along the banks were glass and copper bushes, flowers and one full-sized tree. My mother is the slender lady in the vest, trying to decide what to buy. I didn’t even have any of the refreshments this year, I was so busy looking at stuff and talking to my friends.

Todd and Vickie came back to town for the show. Marvin and Dorothy were there, the Rodriguezes, Joy and Joanna from Southern Indiana Writers, Betty and Helen and Carly from Woman’s Literary Club, Judy O’Bannon, who is related by marriage to Leah and to my late dear friend, Mildred…. So many people, I can’t even remember them all. That’s one of the reasons I love going to this event.

Here are some more pictures of the stream and waterfall:

And some of the individual pieces:


Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of what I bought. I’m still bedazzled by the show–enchanted–enthralled–and still beside myself at being able to buy a piece at last.


Writing prompt: If this post isn’t inspiring, I haven’t the words to make it so.

Great day today. Charlie and Mom and two of our girls and I met at my church for the soup and salad luncheon. So much variety, even the vegetarian found plenty to eat. Taco salad, hot chicken salad for me, Jello salads (of course–I told you it was at a church!), veggie soup for me, cream of broccoli for Mom–and wonderful desserts! I had Derby Pie, of course. Super sweet AND chocolate–perfection!

As always, we saw scads of people we know. Debbie and Buck and Tad and Fred, not to mention the folks from church who were working or eating. I wish I could have helped out, but I told Annie that if I took on one more task my head would explode.

AND tonight is Unbridled Whimsy. A bunch of local artists, led by Leah Porter, give the community a show of their art and imagination once a year. They decorate the Leora Brown school and display their art, but it doesn’t look like a gallery, it looks like a wonderland. It’s an evening of sheer magic. The free wine helps. I’m going to ask Leah if I can take pictures to post, but she may not want her creations posted. It’s open on Saturday afternoon, too, but Mom and I always go on Friday night, because she has lawn sculptures lit up in the yard, and I have to see those in the evening. She said she’ll let me sell DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, the Toys for Tots anthology I have a story in. I’m thrilled to actually be a part of the show this year!

Almost time to go! Yay!


writing prompt: One of your characters goes to a local art show. Is it a good one or a bad one? How does your character act? What kind of report does he/she give it?


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