Here is what we had for dinner last night:dinner

Holy Kale and Ravioli With Stuff On

Break up your kale, discarding the tough stems. Charlie likes the tough stems, but I don’t, and he’s old enough to know you don’t always get what you want in this sad old world. Put your kale in enough salted water to cover and boil the hell out of it.

Meanwhile, cook frozen ravioli according to directions.

MEANWHILE, heat pre-cooked bacon and chicken until hot. If I had had some mushrooms, I would totally have cooked some in a dry non-stick skillet until they were browned and toasty.

Drain the ravioli, dress it with garlic-infused olive oil, salt & pepper, top with meat (and mushrooms, if you got ’em). Remove some of the kale with a slotted spoon and nestle it next to the ravioli. SAVE THE KALE WATER AND ANY EXTRA KALE FOR SOUP.

Sprinkle everything with shredded mixed Italian cheeses.

For dessert, we had this:dessert

Well, I had this. Charlie had this minus the topping. This is an old family (my family) dessert, kinda sorta.

Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Put cottage cheese in a little bowl. Top with fresh or canned fruit or with jelly/jam/preserves. Charlie and I like raspberry-flavored peaches. That’s it, for Charlie. My family and I top it with a dollop of mayonnaise. YES, I DID–I SAID MAYONNAISE.

Now I have to get ready to leave–going to Louisville to have lunch with Jane.


Writing prompt: Give one of your characters an Old Family Dish that makes other people go ewwwww!