one-crocus1I went into the woods again today to check my mushroom hunting grounds. Still didn’t find any, but the day is gorgeous! Crocuses are all over, daffodils are starting to bloom.

molestopperCharlie is fighting the Battle of the Moles. He’s found a solution that works for him. Here is a picture of his unpatented molestopper. He finds a fresh mole tunnel and puts this down through it. It seems to baffle the critters and send them off in a different direction. He’s pleased with it, anyway.

I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS (loved it). My only objection is that there was nothing in it about Christianity, Judaism and Islam–as if that God hadn’t been brought to America by immigrants. One of the things I like–one of the MANY things–about Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books is that the Christian god is as real and powerful as anybody else’s. Let’s not get into if JC and family are MORE powerful than any other god or not, it’s just good–and Butcher uses it for some damn good storytelling–to include the Christian pantheon. I’ve only read the first three books. It would just totally rock if some saints showed up somewhere. There are quite a few of those saints I wouldn’t like to cross…if you’ll pardon the expression.

I’m posting part 2 of my interview with mystery writer S. M. Harding over at Fatal Foodies. Come over and visit with her!


Writing prompt: What saint do you think would make the coolest action figure? Why?