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Ever since I wrote the June Rose and LeJune story for Wolfmont’s Toys for Tots benefit anthology this year, I’ve been thinking about the book I started with that mother/daughter pair. I started it a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t working, despite my having done quite a few chapters.

While I was writing the story, both women came alive for me. Writers–you know how you know all this stuff about your characters, and they just sit there like rag dolls and let you push them around where you need them to go, do and say whatever is necessary, but they aren’t REAL? It’s so frustrating! Then, if you’re patient and lucky and keep working with them, they come to life. That’s the way it was with these two. Suddenly–YAY!–there they were, being real. heee!

So that’s one hurdle jumped. The other problem with the book is that I started it WAY too early in the action. One of my many failings as a writer. I’m now starting to get a handle on where the story actually needs to start. I tried telling the story to myself, and it began with when they inherited this house… but the first chapter is back when they visit the person from whom they inherit it. The book ought to start where the story starts. ha!

Anyway, what I’m doing now is clearing the decks of other work and thinking about the book so I can give it a big run during National Novel Writing Month. I still haven’t cleaned up the book I wrote last year during the push, but both are part of the same series and I haven’t decided which I want to come first.

Work In Progress–Happy!


writing prompt: Tell somebody about something that happened. Then write a story about that happening, starting with the first thing you told them when you were telling what happened. No background, no lead-in, start at the beginning and fill in the background later.


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