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Now my feelings are hurt. I post about God and my stats tank? What’s up with that? I have like four people who read this blog and you all ditch me at once? Boo hoo for me. huh

Anyway, I’ve just traded Twitter following with M.R.Sellars. He writes about serial killers and stuff so dark it scares me just to look at his dimples. But he also has all kinds of witches, good ones as well as bad ones, and I like that. I know there are bad ones, but all the witches I know personally are great folks. It was one of my dear witch friends who sent me back to Christianity, telling me that there was nothing lacking in it, the lack was in me, and that I would find everything I needed in Christianity if I dug deeper and became a better practitioner.

Darryl just came into the coffee shop wearing several strings of Mardi Gras beads. He said he’d been trying to give them away, but nobody was willing to earn them. heh

Went to a GREAT Mardi Gras dinner at the Corydon Presbyterian Church yesterday and posted about it today on Fatal Foodies.

Hungry. Must…eat…. Otherwise… no… good….


writing prompt: Read something about a religion you consider wrong or bad. Let some of what you read be written by someone in favor of that religion or at least impartial about it.



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