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Southern Indiana Writers had our Christmas party last night. Sadly, not all could be there, but the ones who made it had a blast! I made more Alu Mattar and Polenta Casserole. The basic recipe came from Dana Fredsti’s post on Fatal Foodies (where I post on Tuesdays). I didn’t know where to get Polenta, but she told me Corn Meal Mush is pretty much the exact same thing, so I used corn meal mush. I also didn’t have any spaghetti sauce, since Charlie doesn’t much like it, and would always much rather have basil pesto, so I made my own. Here’s how:

MomGoth’s Spaghetti Sauce

  • one can diced tomatoes with garlic, basil and oregano
  • diced onion
  • olive oil
  • tomato paste

I always whack a clove of garlic and put it into a bottle of olive oil (you can pop the plastic pour top off with a can opener, insert the garlic, and put the pour top back on), so that’s the olive oil I always use. So heat a little olive oil in a saucepan. Put the diced onion in and cook it, stirring almost constantly, at a moderate heat until the onions are sort of pale gold. Dump in the diced tomatoes and cook, breaking up the tomatoes as much as you like, until they’re soft. Add about a tablespoon of tomato paste to thicken it and remove from heat.

Put the rest of the tomato paste in roughly tablespoon-sized glops on a sheet of waxed paper and put it in the freezer. When the glops are frozen, put them all into a plastic bag and store it in the freezer. Instant glops–YAY!

small-casseroleOkay, so I was cooking for vegetarians (some of the members), so I didn’t use sausage, I used slicedlarge-casserole zucchini and green olives. I made a little one for Charlie, who wasn’t coming to the meeting, and a bigger one for the meeting. I cooked his in the toaster oven and then I cooked ours also in the toaster oven. Covered them, so the cheese wouldn’t burn. Charlie didn’t care a lot for it, but the group gobbled it up.

I was going to post something else, but I’ve forgotten what it was. If I think of it, I’ll write it down in hopes I won’t forget where I put the note.


Writing prompt: Make your character go to a party he/she doesn’t want to go to. Does he/she have fun after all, or does the experience vindicate his/her wanting to miss it?



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