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Yesterday, Mom and I ate at Lisa’s Sports Bar. Yes, we did. See, I went into Butt Drugs to get a prescription filled, and Margie was eating a carry-out plate lunch of country fried steak, my mother’s all-time favorite dish. The place she used to get it closed and we’ve been chasing around looking for another connection, so OF COURSE I asked Margie where she got it, and she said Lisa’s.

We had been there once before, and felt like we got the fish-eye from the regulars (most likely our imagination), so this time we went through to the back room, which was pretty much empty.


Lisa’s is a smoker-friendly establishment. When I say “smoker-friendly”, I mean there are ashtrays on every table, on the washbasin in the bathroom AND ON THE BACK OF EVERY TOILET TANK. The men’s and women’s rooms were marked not only by the standard plaques, but like this:


I’m like, “I have got to take a picture of this.” Which I did.

The food was FANTASTIC! Down-home cooking of the finest kind. Mom got her all-time favorite dish, country-fried steak, mashed potatoes and fried apples. I got the fish sandwich. Both were outstanding. The coffee was really good, too. AFTER we had our food, we found out they have frog legs, my mother’s other all-time favorite dish. When we got the bill, we called the waitress over twice to make sure she had included everything–it was so low we were convinced she’d undercharged us. But no, it was really that low.

After that, we went to Alstott’s, the Best. Hardware. EVER! They have SO MUCH STUFF, and they’re always so helpful and friendly. I got an immersion blender and had to be dragged away. They have cast iron cookware, some made specifically for campfires (like I would ever camp…) and things to cut things off things and all kinds of flashlights, and… well, STUFF. It’s great!

Today, I’m at Cafe on the Square. Saw J’s daughter, Nathan of Cellar on the Square, Darryl, Butchie. Darryl was given some bubbles and was walking around blowing bubbs.


Nathan and I talked about pumpkin wine. A friend sent me a recipe, but Nathan said he already has one. He said to bring him the one I have, though, because it might be different from the one he has.

Well, that’s enough of this. I’m working on updating my website and hope to get the new version up by spring. I think I’ll keep this blog and just use the web site for professional stuff.

BTW, I’m tweeting on Twitter!


Writing prompt: Send a character into a restaurant where he/she feels out of place.



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