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Mom and Charlie and I went to a concert on the Jeffersonville waterfront last night. The Louisville Orchestra was on RiverStage, a barge made into a stage on the Ohio River. There’s an amphitheater of grassy terraces from the river up to street level, where people can sit on the ground or set up chairs. We set up chairs.

On the way, I saw: two yearling deer standing by the expressway, then frolicking off into the woods (good choice of direction, Bambi); a flock of ducks on a pond; big snaggly bits of tree sticking out of the river; a honking great tree trunk washed up at the river’s edge with all its bark worn off by the water–the biggest piece of driftwood I’ve ever seen; LOADS of awesome houses. I’ll probably be posting some of those pictures.

I also saw this historical marker. You may not know some of this stuff: that free and enslaved black people were the major parts of “the underground railroad”, with indispensable help from sympathetic non-black people; and that the Emancipation Proclamation did NOT “free the slaves”. It only freed those in the states officially in rebellion.

The concert was most pleasant, but I can’t go farther than that. The music was not the best for that venue: the music was lyrical and the ambient noise was major. Between boat traffic on the river, street traffic on the street and the Forecastle rock festival across the river in Louisville, we could have been listening to “Pop Goes the Weasel” and we wouldn’t have known it.

But it was a beautiful evening, and it was most pleasant to be out in it, watching people play with their children off to the side, and appreciating the bits of music that made it through the competition.

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