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I didn’t go into town today–just so cold, and I had a yearning for the home fires. So I’m going to stay online until I get my pictures loaded, and anyone who wants to call us can just lump it.

sparkleFirst, here is a picture of Janet, one of my dear friends at church. I call her “Sparkle”, not because we share the same taste for glittery jewelry, but because she makes me happy. No matter what’s going on in her life–and she’s had some hard times–she can always dig up a smile for me, and she can usually come up with some comment that makes me laugh. You can’t see what a sweet smile she has, because she was pretending she was avoiding my camera, but maybe you can see the gleam of mischief in her eyes.

Okay, so now I’ll try to post my pictures of Corydon, which I took yesterday. Charlie says it snowed big-time at home, and covered the grass. I didn’t see that in Corydon, so I don’t think it snowed THAT hard in town. Corydon is so small, you wouldn’t think it had room for weather variations, but it does seem to. Friends have said they can sit in the sun on their ridge and look over to my ridge and watch it rain. Cool!

Anyway, here is my lair at the library. This isn’t the entrance, and has a big sign on it saying “Please use other door”, but people come in it sometimes. Maybe I’ll start snapping their pictures when they do it. Maybe I’ll get a Junior Library Police badge in my Ovaltine. Maybe not. The black thing close to the doors is one of Corydon’s many historical markers. The bigger black thing toward the edge of the photo is a clock. I totally LOVE having a town clock!


Here is my other lair, Cafe on the Square at Magdalena’s.

And here is Joy’Z, the terrific diner that’s losing its space due to a rent rise that’s impossible to meet.


Finally, here is the Square. Beautiful place. The small stone building is Indiana’s First State Capitol Building, which has been restored. The tee-ninesy building beyond it is a storage shed. The big brick building behind it is the Court House. All the trees are strung with white lights, all switched on at the Light Up Corydon celebration at the end of November. The gentleman in bronze is former Indiana Governor Frank O’Bannon, who was from Corydon.


So that’s my little town. See why I love it?

I just had an ugly thought: What if the owner of the building where Joy’Z is has had an offer from Wal-Mart, who wants to put a “neighborhood grocery” in there? Great. I needed something else to keep me up nights.


writing prompt: Would your main character be for or against the scenario I’ve just outlined? Why or why not?



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