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Today is the first day of school for me. I signed up for Dani Greer’s Blog Book Tour class. It’s a bit late for EEL’S REVERENCE, since that comes out this month, but I’ll be loaded for bear when FORCE OF HABIT and SIDESHOW IN THE CENTER RING hit the virtual stands.

One of the things the class will do is critique members’ blogs so, if you’ve ever thought about leaving a comment on one of the posts here or on a page at my pro blog, this would be a jolly good month to do it.

I’m amazed at the rush of physical sensations I’ve had over this. As the first day of school approached, I started getting antsy. I had an almost uncontrollable urge to rush out and buy a box of crayons–not one of those sad little eight-color things, that are to a REAL box of crayons as a popgun is to an anti-aircraft missle. (See? See how I did one of those SAT comparison question things? School!) What was I talking about? Oh–crayons. I had the urge to rush out and buy a box with so many different colors I would have to hire two strong young men to carry it, which is not a bad idea, in itself….

Anyway, you know the school’s-coming feeling I’m talking about: that sense of new beginnings and endless possibilities, of a new start and of outfitting oneself for the first day of the future.

But then it was almost the day, and my stomach started to clench. I even put some of it into emails to the class: that gnawing fear that you (notice how I avoid putting myself into this scenario, even though it was All About Me)–that you would walk into the wrong class or would have the wrong books or would be dressed too differently from the other kids or…. Oh, there were SO many things that could go wrong and could mark you lower in the pecking order than you could bear.

Well, this could go on and on, but this post is too long already, and I have to make my lunch. Is it too geeky to take raw veg on home-made bread, or should I swing by the store and pick up a Lunchable?


writing prompt: Write about an adult character on the first day of some sort of class or instructional course.


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