I’m working on updating my pro site, where I look all professional and stuff, and that means some updating to this one, too, I guess….

I’m thinking about moving my blogging over to the pro site and providing Actual Content more than once a week–not sure if I’m up to that! Here’s kind of what I’m thinking:

On Writing

As always, I’ll be posting on Tuesday at Fatal Foodies


Catch up on Goodreads, MySpace, LinkedIn and LiveJournal

Grab bag

I’ll still be posting once a month on The Write Type and Echelon Explorations, and I’ll still haunt Twitter and FaceBook.

I would keep this blog open for the fanfic and the archives.

Whaddya think? Please comment here if you have any thoughts or feelings about it, one way or another. If I don’t get any comments on this post, I guess that’ll tell me something, right there! 🙂 I’m open to suggestions. Shut up–not THAT kind of suggestion. Be nice.


writing prompt: Have a character decide whether to double up on work or discard something he/she enjoys for the sake of a more professional profile.