It’s summer, and I’ve been to the farmers’ market today. Got some early corn! Corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn!

Made this totally delish sammich the other day. Actually, I made it last year by accident, but I made it this year on purpose.

PLT Sammich

  • Sliced dill pickle
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Fresh bread, toasted
  • mayonnaise

Make a sammich. Eat it.

I made that last year by accident, as I say: I said, “This is the best bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sammich I ever ate!” Then I found the bacon was still in the microwave.

We’re not having much luck with our garden this year. The potatoes have scale, the green beans didn’t even come up, and something is eating on the cucumbers.

Here is a picture of the cucumbers with just a few bites taken out of each of them. That’s the aggravating thing: if the critter would chow down on ONE, that would be okay, but it takes a couple of bites of one and then a couple of bites of ANOTHER one! Charlie says it’s a little shit, but I’m pretty sure it’s a turtle.

A Good Salad

  • fresh cucumbers, sliced
  • fresh tomatos, diced

Mix them and eat them.

I just put salt on, but Charlie likes blue cheese dressing. Also good with mayonnaise or–well–just about any kind of dressing, but I eats it nude. The veg, not me. Dear lord, the very thought sends shudders through the blogosphere!


writing prompt: Have a character leave an “essential” ingredient out of a recipe. Does it turn out good or nasty? How does the character react? How do/does the people/person for whom the dish is made react?