I was unable to sucker any chumps line up a writer to provide me with Actual Content on this Actual Content Tuesday, so you’ll have to make do with me.

This is something I haven’t tried yet–not because I’m cheap. Okay, yeah, it’s because I’m cheap. I know it works, though, because I know other writers who send out postcards to announce their appearances and signings, and they’re usually very successful, so I’m collecting information.

Here are some web sites and their advice for your postcards–indeed, for any sales pitch.

  1. Offer
  2. Call to Action
  3. Response/contact information


1. Make a Big First Impression
2. Get Right to the Point
3. Sell the Right Thing
4. Be Clear and Direct
5. Stimulate Fast Action


All-around good general marketing mini-course on one page!

I was given a copy of DUCT TAPE MARKETING at one of these sites, which is bristling with bookmarks (the book, not the site) and which I highly recommend.


writing prompt: Write a marketing postcard that spurs your main character and/or villain to action.