Actually, it isn’t Amazon’s fault. It states clearly (though in very small print) that Author’s Name should be put thusly: Lastname, Firstname. And what did I do on my first two Kindle publications? Yeah, that’s right: Marian Allen, when I should have done Allen, Marian. What a maroon.

So I had to go back into the production files, or whatever they call them, and fix it. And then you know what? Then I had to click Publish again. Not Update, not Correct, but Publish. So now the poor Amazon reviewers have to look at the files again and approve them again when all I freaking did was change the freaking order of my freaking names. Tarsome!

I’ve put excerpts of all the stories in LONNIE, ME AND THE HOUND OF HELL and in THE KING OF CHEROKEE CREEK up at my pro site, in case anybody is interested. Bud is ticked because HOUND is selling better than he (KING) is. I told him he ought to get a dog, and maybe his sales would pick up, and you should have seen the dirty look he gave me! If Bud had a dog, he’d probably eat it.

Those of you who’ve read any of my Bud Blossom stories, what kind of dog do you think he’d get and like (not to eat)?


writing prompt: Give a dog to a character who doesn’t have one. Is it a good thing for the character or a bad thing? How about for the dog?