Today, I most likely will NOT be vegetarian….

Most of us in our family have gone pretty far along the continuum from carnivore to herbivore, some farther than others. One daughter is working her way into veganism, and Charlie and I are struggling along behind her.

Why? For her, it’s an intense compassion for the lives and deaths of animals–any deaths of animals, vertebrate or invertebrate, for the purpose of feeding humans and any lives made miserable to serve the same purpose. For us, it’s the unnatural and environmentally unsound practices of “factory” meat and dairy industries. So we should be okay with local, family-farm meat and dairy, shouldn’t we?

I dunno. We kind of slide back and forth on that continuum daily. Grocery-store cheese, organic small-farm cheese or cheese substitute? Or no kind of cheesy stuff at all? –I tell you plainly: Dairy is harder for us to give up than meat, for some reason. Luckily, for me, cooking is like having a Gilbert Chemistry Lab that usually doesn’t blow up. I like messing around with alternatives and substitutes. Sure, sometimes you end up with a stink-bomb, but usually it’s more-or-less cool.

Anyway, I’m going to a pig roast today. It’s a fund-raiser for something-or-other.

Tell you the truth, I’m actually ambivalent about it. I do love roast pork. But…. There’s just something so Lord of the Flies about a pig roast, you know? So I’m not sure whether I’ll dig in (which is what I expect), or hesitate, or go ewwwwwww!

Maybe it’ll be like smoking. I was talking to our #4 daughter about smoking last night, about how I loved smoking–YES, I mean TOBACCO–and would love to light one up now and then, but that I don’t because I know it would make me sick as a dog after all these years. I told her I’m just not willing to smoke for a month in order to work my system down to where I can enjoy one cigarette.

So that’ll be my challenge today–to see how far along that slippery slope I’ve slid. Have I lost my predatory instincts? Have I been reduced to stalking the wild asparagus? Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Rico?


writing prompt: Write a character who has lost the will, taste or capacity for something that he/she used to enjoy–something good or something bad or something questionable.