I saw a post about a contest at Spinetingler Magazine and I decided to send something in. The catch: I don’t have anything that fits the guidelines. The solution: WRITE SOMETHING, DUH.

So I started:

It should be about revenge. It should be 500-1500 words. I can do that standing on my head.

Trouble is, it’s growing. It’s already 500 words and it’s barely started.

Two answers to that:

  1. Write it until it’s finished, then cut.
  2. Write it until it’s finished, then send it somewhere else.

A corollary to 2 is: Put it on hold and try again for a shorty and THEN write this one until it’s finished. That may be what I’ll do. I have some 100-word revenge stories I could flesh out, and I may try that.

Anybody have any two-cents’-worth to put in on the subject?


writing prompt: Is revenge sweet, or is it ashes in your mouth? What about various characters you’ve created? Write a character who ALWAYS relishes revenge. Now make him/her experience remorse over one triumph.