My husband intended to take our #1.1 grandchild picking blueberries today (#1 daughter’s #1 son). But it’s due to get into the upper nineties, and Charlie decided they wouldn’t go. I don’t care for raw blueberries, unless they’re REALLY SWEET, but #1.1 loves them. Our own blueberry bushes are done for the summer, so we were all looking forward to some, they for the fresh ones and I for blueberry pancakes/sauce/muffins/other-sweets.

Ah, well, life is full of these little sorrows.

Mom and I are going to the farmers’ market this afternoon, and we may score some there. Sure hope so!

Thanks for being so good to Donna Fletcher Crow yesterday. I’m really looking forward to the book’s US release. She’s promised to guest with me again when that happens, on Fatal Foodies.

From #1.1: “I was all ready to go. I thought they would taste good. Maybe next time, we can go.”

The child is a born philosopher.


writing prompt: Pay attention to how the children you know handle disappointment. How do your characters handle disappointment? How did they handle it when they were children?