The previous week’s interview was aired by mistake, so the one with Joanna Foreman and me will be on today (Sunday, June 20,2010) instead. It WILL be archived at for future reference.

Ah, well. 🙂

So anyway, I went to visit a friend and took a picsh of HER hydrangea, which is even cooler than ourses. I said ourses! There are two of us and there are two hydrangea bushes, so that’s a double plural, so it’s ourses! That’s the way some of us country people talk, okay? It’s a legitimate language variant, officially known as Rubonics. Anyway, her hydrangea bush has white and blue and pinky-purple blooms on the same bush!

We’re having a combination Father’s Day and two birthdays party today, and I need to hunt up something vegan to take. I’ll let you know if I come up with something delish.


writing prompt: Write a paragraph about a character named Hydrangea.