I’m finally getting around to posting pics I took the last time I went to Louisville, and some, as the cool kids say, “awsomesauce” pics of the potting shed out back.

We went to the Java Brewing Company and I got some kind of highly caffeinated and insucrated drink and it looked like this. I mean, how can you resist ordering something that’s going to look like this? It was verrry tasty, too.

Then we went to the Shalimar, the best Indian restaurant EVAR!!!! and I took this snappie of my story. Yes, my brag is true: I do have a story “published” on the wall of an Indian restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, and this is it. We got chicken korma and chicken tikka masala (I am not a vegetarian at the Shalimar!) and had enough to take home for two more meals each! Anyway, here is “Rose of Kashmir” on the wall in the waiting area. How cool is that?

So we got up one morning and the sun was hitting the top of the potting shed, and I had to take a snappie. This is one of the many reasons I love living in the country. It isn’t that mist doesn’t rise in the city, it’s just that I never looked at it in the city.

Please don’t forget to listen to Sheri Wright interview Joanna Foreman and me on “From the Inkwell” at 1-2pm EDT on 1650 AM in Louisville’s Crescent Hill neighborhood, or live-streamed at http://www.chardio.net (soon to be archived).


writing prompt: Have a character notice something that happens all the time and have the character be wowed by it.