I’m gonna be onna ra-di-o
Listen to me onna ra-di-o
Listen for free onna ra-di-o
Wish you could see onna ra-di-o!

The fantastic poet, Sheri Wright, interviewed the fabulous Joanna Foreman and me (yes, that is grammatically correct) on her wonderful hour-long show, “From the Inkwell”. The interview will be aired tomorrow, June 19, at 1:00pm EDT. It’s 1650 on your AM dial if you live in Crescent Hill in Louisville, Kentucky, or live-streamed at http://www.chradio.net/ if you have a high-speed internet connection–which I don’t.

The show will be archived, though, so I can listen to it sometime when I have access to high-speed. Although I don’t really need to, since I was there.

Joanna and I talk about the writing life, the writing process, our work, our publications and the benefits of belonging to a good writing group. We each read from our work.

Come and listen! It’ll be fun, it’ll be fun, it’ll be fun!


writing prompt: If you were interviewed on the radio, what points would you hope to make?