I’m not talking about Joe, for once, although he is the coverdog for the e-book. LONNIE, ME AND THE HOUND OF HELL is my new collection of short stories for Kindle and other electronic formats, including PDF and Word document.

I had more fun putting this collection together! I was surprised to see how many of my stories have animals in leading or major roles. Well, the cat in “Seeking Shadow” is kind of “Waiting for Godot”, since it’s about trying to get him to come home, but he’s still at the center of the story.

Since we’ve had multiple cats and dogs, it isn’t surprising that I’ve written stories with dogs and cats in them. And, since our #4 daughter says my spirit animal is the giant land turtle (I’m slow), it isn’t surprising that I’d do stories with turtles–Oh, now that I think of it, I believe I took the turtle stories out. Hope I don’t get sued for false advertising! I do have donkeys, though: One day on Facebook, I asked for a story idea and the first one that came across–from #4 daughter, in fact–was “donkeys vs zombies”.

And I have crocodiles. I went to a science fiction convention where I attended a panel which included the great Gene Wolfe. The question on the table was, “What was it about the first story you sold that made it different from the previous stories which didn’t sell?” The other panelists were all about pacing and dialog and all that, and Gene Wolfe said, “It had crocodiles in it.” He said it wasn’t any better or worse than previous stories, and he’d since sold the previous stories by sending them out until they reached the right editor at the right time. So, naturally, I had to write a story with crocodiles in it. Sold it, too.

As for cows….I think I took the cow story out, too. Dang–what fool did the cover for this book? Didn’t she even READ the stories?

But “Lonnie, Me and the Hound of Hell” is in it. And so are the zombies.

Here’s the table of contents:

Lonnie, Me and the Hound of Hell

Lonnie, Me and the Hound of Hell

Balance of Power originally appeared in OnSpec (http://www.onspec.ca/) Spring 2006, #64 vol 18 no 1

Mr. Farrel originally appeared in GHOST WRITERS (Southern Indiana Writers http://southernindianawriters.com/) 1995

The Damned Place Was Full of Crocodiles originally appeared in Song of the Siren (now closed) 2003

Dog Star originally appeared in NOVEL INGREDIENTS (Southern Indiana Writers http://southernindianawriters.com/) 2003 Also appeared electronically in World Wide Recipes newsletter and on WWR site (http://www.wordwiderecipes.com/) 2/17/2003

A Devouring Passion

Seeking Shadow originally appeared in PanGaia (http://www.bbimedia.com/) #33 Autumn 2002

High Stakes originally appeared in Peridot, now Allegory (http://allegoryzine.com/) 2001

Sledgehammer originally appeared on Goodreads, in response to a challenge on FaceBook.

Mr. Sugar versus the Martians

Samples of all the stories are posted on my web site.


writing prompt: Have a character write a letter to a writer or publisher who, the character feels, misrepresented the contents of a book on the book’s cover.