I recently introduced you to Tony Roma, my Roma tomato plant. I’m sorry to say, he was potted when I took that picture of him.

Tony has moved into an apartment and straightened up. It’s been a growing experience for him and he’s made some close friends. Here he is with Basil and Rose, his next-door neighbors.

It’s besing hot around here, children. In case you don’t know, “besing” is the current-action love child of “is” and “be”. Johnny is bad, Johnny bes bad, Johnny is besing bad. Well, it’s besing like a freaking sauna around here. It’s like New Orleans without the flamboyance. Midnight in the Garden of Nice and Tacky.

The plants love all the moisture. So do the mosquitoes. Hey, I just thought of something: If you could cross a mosquito with a lightning bug, you’d get a blood-sucker that sparkles! I bet nobody ever thought of doing that before!

Okay, that’s enough of that.


writing prompt: Listen for non-standard grammatical (or, if you prefer to think of that way, non-grammatical) word construction/usage and use it for a character.