Happiest of birthdays,
Enjoy your special day!
We’re coming to salute you.
We promise not to stay.

Mom’s friend’s mother is having her 100th birthday party today, and Mom and I, naturally, are going. The great song-belter, Sophie Tucker, is quoted as having said, “The secret to longevity is to keep breathing.” But that’s just the secret to not ceasing to breathe, isn’t it? Just breathing isn’t necessarily living.

There are plenty of people walking around breathing who might as well be zombies, even though they wouldn’t eat a brain if it came up and bit them. I mean, some people’s doctors seem to have them on a strict brain-free diet.

But anyway, living means engaging with the world in a positive way, even if “the world” consists of your caregivers or the mail carrier or your FaceBook friends or your little blue budgie.

That’s my two cents’ worth, anyway.

This post didn’t seem to go much of anywhere, but that’s nothing new. See you tomorrow, most likely.


writing prompt: Write a character who never goes out anywhere for some reason or other, but is engaged and vital in some sense, on some level.