Once upon a time, there was a sweet little white butterfly. She flitted about, landing on the flowers and leaves, frolicking in the sunlight and playing tag with the gentle breeze.

Then one day, she landed on the kale in Farmer Allen’s garden.

When Farmer Allen saw the sweet little white butterfly, he said, “Gosh-darn all darned white butterflies to heck! Laying their gosh-darned eggs and caterpillars eating holes in everything! Gosh-darned sunny beaches! Take that, you basket!”

And he squished the sweet little white butterfly and he felt an intense, white-hot joy in the act.

The sweet little white butterfly felt her spirit hovering in the air, which wasn’t much of a change for her, really, come to think of it. Then she saw a bright light and followed it through a tunnel.

“Oh!” said the sweet little white butterfly, who had a little moth blood in her genealogy on her mother’s side. “Look at all the pretty flames! I must have died and gone to heaven!”

But she was wrong.



writing prompt: Give a character a garden and see if his/her attitude toward anything changes.