I’m home this weekend, and I’m thinking about the things I miss when I’m gone. Not the people–of course I miss my people, unless they’re with me. Well, duh, naturally I don’t miss them if they’re with me. That goes without saying. Except that it didn’t.

ANYWAY, here are some of the things I miss:

The cats. They’re pretty stand-offish during the warm weather, but I miss having them around. I do NOT miss Katya sticking the tips of her claws so delicately into my saggy baggy old lady arm skin if I don’t pay enough attention to her, and I do NOT miss Al hacking up hairballs, but I miss them otherwise.

The dog. He isn’t a particularly good dog, but he is personable and he likes us. When I’m out of my natural element, I miss having somebody around I know I’m not going to inadvertently alienate, bore, insult or wound. You just can’t put your foot in your mouth with a dog. You can put HIS foot in your mouth or YOUR foot in HIS mouth or HIS foot in his mouth, if any of that is your idea of a good time.

Fireflies. One of the happiest things I know is to watch fireflies rise up out of the grass as evening falls. Not a happy-dance happy, but an intensely quiet happy. There’s no happiness quite like it.

My own food. When I go away to overnight conventions or workshops, I take my own food; when I go away to conventions and workshops with fellow writers, we all take food to pitch in and please one another. Still, it isn’t the same as being able to cook fresh.

My own coffee. I have a writer friend who brings coffee concentrate and generously shares it, and it’s always excellent, but I’m always glad to get home to my own favorite blend. That’s just the kind of hairpin I am.

Birds: cardinals, finches, indigo buntings, chickadees, wild turkeys, red-winged blackbirds–whatever birds are hanging around Mom’s feeders. And, especially:

Hummingbirds. I never get tired of watching them, although it ticks me off when they don’t share. I have more sugar water where that came from, guys–Didn’t you ever watch Sesame Street? Don’t you know Bob wants you to share?

But I’m home for a few weekends, now, and I’m luxuriating in the familiar.


writing prompt: What does your main character miss when he/she is away from home? If you don’t have a main character yet, invent somebody and send him/her out of town for the weekend and decide what he/she misses.