My mom hooked me up with this recipe out of one of her magazines. Last time I went to the grocery, I got some portobello mushroom caps the size of flying saucers. Well, small flying saucers, anyway. Flying saucers the size of, say…you know…saucers. Anyway, they were large.

portobello mushroom caps
feta cheese
roasted red bell peppers

Put oil or butter in a non-stick skillet. Sprinkle the gills of the mushrooms with seasoning–I used, of course, Jane’s Crazy Mixed-Up Salt. The original recipe called for balsamic vinegar, but that’s a taste I never acquired, so I didn’t use it. Anyway, put the mushrooms in the skillet and, if you have another skillet, put that on top to squish the mushrooms flat. Or you can use a panini press. I mean, put the mushrooms IN the panini press, not weight the mushrooms down WITH a panini press. Flip the mushrooms once and squish them again until they’re flat and all the liquid that’s going to has run out of them and evaporated.

Meanwhile, mix some pesto with some mayonnaise and spread that on bread. Add the mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers (or raw bell peppers of any color, though red or yellow or orange are sweeter than the green, I think) and feta cheese. Close the sandwich(es) and grill in a press or in a skillet with another skillet squishing it down.

My sandwich’s top slice of bread disintegrated under the weight of an iron skillet, so maybe squishing can go too far. But it tasted great!


writing prompt: Write two or three versions of a scene where a character’s sandwich falls apart. Write one where it’s funny, one where it’s sad, maybe one where it’s scary, maybe other versions that may occur to you. Same basic events, different effects and outcomes.