It’s raining today, but it was beautiful Tuesday, when I went to the library. I had to park in the Book Box parking lot, about two blocks from the library, and I still didn’t have as far a trek as I did from the parking garage to the hotel at Marcon. Oh, will the nightmares never end?

Anyway, here are some pictures I took behind the library. Just look at these lilies. The color just pops, doesn’t it? Any day is a good day, when you get to see something like this just growing right out of the dirt.

The children’s garden behind the Carnegie local history and genealogy library gets better every year. When they cut down the tree on this corner, I was very sad, but they planted a new one and did this planting arrangement, and it’s prettier than ever. My late friend Mildred would be so happy to see what they’ve done.

Busy today, busy tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m driving into Louisville to tape an internet radio show. Don’t know yet when it will air, but I’ll let you know.


writing prompt: Send a character to the library for something other than research of a plot point.