So yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to meet some friends at Culver’s (a restaurant). I thought, “I’ll stop by the library and get some copies made, then I’ll stop by the bank and make a deposit to the SIW account, then I’ll be right on time.” Then, halfway to the library, I remembered that I didn’t have any cash, so I’d have to go by the library after seeing my friends.


So I went to the bank, and it was closed, and I didn’t remember the account number, so I couldn’t deposit the check through the ATM.


So I got some cash, and that worked, but only after the guy in front of me had some kind of FAIL and had to get somebody to come out and unlock the machine and I thought, “I get to witness a heist!” only it was just a guy with a fail and he didn’t steal a thing.


So I got to the restaurant way early and stood around trying to figure out why the door said they have eight of something when the wall menu only shows two. Then this bald dude with tattoos comes up and says, “Are you Marian Allen?” After I got over the rush, I recognized him as the grown version of a kid I knew when he and my #4 daughter were wee devils together.

My friends still weren’t there, so I ordered some food and snagged a big corner booth for us. Then my young friend and a friend of his came and sat with me to keep me company, and my young friend and I caught up on the intervening years.

I finally saw two of the people I was to meet pull up, but I didn’t see them get out of the car. It had begun to pour down rain in sheets and buckets, with impressive rolls of thunder and lightning so awesome it looked like CGI. Finally, I decided my friends must be waiting for me to arrive, not having recognized my car/plate, since I’m not driving Mom’s Ford because you know why.

So I texted one of them: i am here.

She texted back: So are we.

So I got up and walked around the corner, and there they were. God only knows how long they’d been there, but they had their food and were almost done eating. They said they thought that was me, but they couldn’t think why I would be sitting with two young men.


Then I went by the library, which was open, but I couldn’t find a parking place and it was still pouring down buckets. So I went home without having made those copies.


Well, today I go to Marcon. I’m driving. Pray for Ohio.


writing prompt: Have a character run into someone he/she knew when the someone was a child but your character was already an adult.