I don’t mean “do a bait-and-switch on a banana”, I’m talking about eating at conventions–Marcon, in this case.

We always take our own food. I mean, the hotel provides a stellar breakfast, and the Con Suite provides food and snacks which might be there or might not, depending on when you arrive relative to when the food and the other conventioneers arrive, but still.

I baked bread and made spreads: cream cheese, olives and pecans; cream cheese, mayo and red pepper jelly, and white cheddar mixed with apricot preserves, which sounds nasty but is deLISH. If I get ambitious, I may make macaroni salad and brownies, too. Others make other things. Yeah, we feast!

I’ll be on some panels and stuff:

FRI 04:00pm Write a Novel in a Month, are you Crazy?! NaNoWriMo.

FRI 07:00pm How to be Edited

SAT 08:30pm Southern Indiana Writers Reading

SUN 10:00am Who has time to write?

If you’re there, come up and say howdy!


writing prompt: Does your main character buy or take food on a trip?