When we went to St. Meinrad’s, Doris and Lori brought snacks. One of the snacks Doris brought was the most (appropriately) heavenly brownies! They were all fudgey and gooey like I like them. She said she made them with goose eggs. I was like, “Excuse me?” She said she has geese, and she bakes with their eggs. She said she doesn’t like them just scrambled or fried or boiled, because they’re different, somehow, but she bakes with them. Then she asked me if I wanted some.

Well, I used to be a lot pickier than I am now. Ever since I did that stint as Culinary Chronicles writer for World Wide Recipes, I’ve been a lot more adventurous. So I said, “Sure!” Yesterday, she brought seven to church for me. Betty, at church, said she heard goose eggs made good noodles, so I made noodles.


  • 3 chicken eggs or 1 goose egg and 1 chicken egg
  • 1 Tablespoon melted butter (I used canola oil)
  • 2 1/2 or so cups of flour

Beat eggs slightly. Stir in oil. Add flour, a little at a time, to make a stiff dough. Roll paper-thin, or as close to it as you can, and put sheets on cloth to dry. Before they’re too dry to handle, roll sheets up and cut into strips as thin or wide as you want your noodles. Unroll strips and spread on cloth to finish drying. When dry (or when you get tired of looking at them), put the noodles into jars or bags and refrigerate or freeze. To cook, drop into boiling liquid. After liquid returns to a boil, cook for 10 minutes or so.

So back to St. Meinrad. Here are the church and the chapter house. If you look over the top of the chapter house wall, you can see the roof of the round dining pavilion. We got to look at it through the glass doors inside the visitors’ wing, but it’s inside the cloister, so we didn’t get to go in. The brother who gave us the tour showed us all around the church and the various places of meditation and worship, but I didn’t snap pictures, like, “Cool reliquary! Can I open it and blog the bones?” Even I have more tact and taste than that. If you want to see more pics than I took, go to their web site. If they want to take snaps of holy places, that’s their lookout.

Here’s a picture of one of those towers at the front corner of the church. Pretty cool, huh?

The last part of the tour was the rock garden. I took lots of snappies of this, but they weren’t all good. Real life, contrary to popular belief, is way better than pictures, although I agree that it would be even better with a soundtrack.

Finally, here is the Coolest. Chess set. Ever. It’s in the reception area. As always, it sucks to be a zebra, but the set is so cool, I would play even worse than I already do, if I tried to use this.

So that was our tour, and I highly recommend it. A tour of the whole grounds is even better, but we didn’t have time for it, and some of our members wouldn’t have enjoyed the walking. Me, my shoes are literally coming apart. Shopping for walking shoes is on my schedule today.

Have a good ‘un, as Angie Humphries used to say.


writing prompt: What do you think would make a cool chess set?