We went to St. Meinrad and had a great day. It was beautiful–clear sky, low humidity, not too hot. I’ll post some pictures of it another time, but here is a picture of the church friend I call Sparkle. Look at those eyes and that smile and you’ll see why. It brightens my day just to see her walk in.

They took my advice and didn’t let me drive. I rode with my “sister”, Sue. We call each other sister because we have so much in common. She wanted to come home without visiting the monastery gift shop, and so did I. We knew we would only spend money, and we didn’t need to do that. So, naturally, I bought some booklets from a stand in the reception area. Shut up–they were neat-kateet!

Anyway, as soon as I got home, Charlie told me that our #2 daughter had invited us for supper. She’s a long-time vegetarian who’s working on becoming vegan and has gotten a book with seitan recipes in it. She had made one recipe that she liked a lot, and she was trying another one. She didn’t like the way it came out–though I assured her it was nowhere close to the standard of badness I had set with my gummy dumpling seitan attempt. But she also had a fantastic salad, great bread and fresh corn on the cob, so dinner was a resounding success.

She and her husband just got six baby chicks to add to their four hens and a rooster. They’re very much hoping none of the chicks turns out to be a rooster, because the rooster they already have thinks he’s God’s gift to chickens, and wouldn’t take kindly to a challenge. We got to see the babies. I took a picture, but they were in their cage and the picture didn’t come out. They have a large (for them) cage with wood shavings on the floor and plenty of food and water. #2 daughter got teary-eyed, thinking of all the chicks she couldn’t buy; her chickens are taken care of with love and respect. Even as a vegan, she’ll eat her chickens’ eggs, because those eggs aren’t a product of torture and slavery.

Part of the chicken enclosure is a privet hedge, where they can shelter from the sun. It’s in bloom just now, and the scent is deliriously sweet–better even than honeysuckle! We saw bees working all over it, which was another joy. Bees are having such a hard time of it these days; it was great to see so many. I wish you could smell this.

Then we came home and I went to Mom’s and watched the first episode of LOST again. It was kind of fun, seeing how many people who would be so important on the show who just kind of ran across the screen. YES, we’re going to watch it tonight. I’m going down for the long haul, and watching to the bitter end.

BTW, did you know “the bitter end” is a nautical term? I found out, when I read THE HUNGRY OCEAN.

Anyway, had a good day yesterday. Hope you have a good one today.


writing prompt: Write about someone who isn’t part of your actual family but who raises positive feelings in you.