I’ve been reading a lot of writing advice online lately, so I thought I might as well get into the act. Here, then, is a little song about the revision process.


If you want to be a writer
Then you have to do the work.
Sing O, hey, show me something shiny!
Give flaws to all your good guys,
Give some goodness to your jerk.
Sing Free Cell, make another play.
Choose adjectives and adverbs
With caution and with care.
Sing, O, hey show me something shiny!
Cut out the unimportant
Put in what should be there.
Sing O, I’ll finish it some day.

Sing O! Hey! Here’s another draft!
Sing O! Wow! Look at all the ink!
Sing O! Man! Do another version!
Sing O! Let’s go and have a drink!

~ ~ ~

Some days, you wish you COULD do a rewrite.

But not today. Today is good.


writing prompt: Haul out an old project and rewrite just one scene. Just one. Or more than one, if you want to. It’s your exercise.