I’m so excited–Southern Indiana Writers and I are going to Marcon science fiction convention the last weekend of this month! We’ve been to RiverCon and ConGlomeration and Context and Magna cum Murder, but we’ve never been to Marcon before.

I, personally, have been to Marcon–I went once with Daughter #4 when she was in her early teens. Made a fool of myself, giggling like a preteen who spots a sparkly vampire in the lunch line every time I saw this one conventioneer. He looked like the guy who played The Angel of Death on Touched By An Angel. Yeah, I got all twitter-pated over a guy who looked like The Angel of Death. Who but me, right?

That was the convention at which a scrawny, knobbly dude with a serious five-o’clock shadow entered the masquerade contest dressed in a Sailor Moon costume. Also the one where a 500-pound dude in a Klingon had prosthesis was walking around barefoot, in a grass skirt and a coconut-shell bra. I was like–“It’s the Klingon road-show production of SOUTH PACIFIC.” Turns out I was right. I’d like to see that production, I really would.

So ANYWAY, we’re going to be on some panels, doing a reading, selling some books at the Marcon table.

If you’re at Marcon, look us up and give us a large hello. It’ll be FUN! It’ll be FUN! It’ll be FUN!


writing prompt: If your main character went to a masquerade, what would he/she think would be fun? What would he/she think would (or should) represent his/her true self? What ACTUALLY WOULD?