First, I’ll vent my spleen, then maybe we’ll all feel better.

The service area receptionist told me–the same one I went around with on the phone–when I went back to see if they’d had time to look at the car, that my problem was that I had turned the floor mats upside down and the accelerator pedal was getting stuck on the floor mats. I’m like, “I don’t think so.” She was like, “That’s a safety hazard.” I’m like, “Then why did the material that came with the car ADVISE me to turn the floor mats upside down to protect the flooring in wet weather?” I’m like, “Try again.” I’m like, “BUZZ! BRAAAK! Wrong! Thank you for playing.” So she called the Service Manager and I told him what had happened–and almost happened–on a busy interstate repeatedly until he got tired of hearing it and said he’d keep the car and drive it to see if he could get it to repeat. I’m like, “Better you than me.” I’m like, “If you’re up to it, you can take your life in your hands and ride with me and I’ll get it to repeat.” So I’m currently without a car, but my husband has a truck so I’ll manage.

I feel much better now.

So I went to Louisville on Wednesday (and came home REAL FAST). I was glad I always carry my camera, because I saw so much cool stuff. Here is a chain next to a stone stanchion in front of a car lot. I think it’s supposed to be fastened to another one, in order to keep the cars from driving out at night and dancing in the street. I thought it looked very artistic.

Somebody I think I would like has planted beautiful things in the tops of the stanchions, making them decorative as well as utilitarian.

A restaurant we can’t afford and which is only open for dinner affords us joy with its urban landscaping.

A good crop of fungi at the foot of a tree. Don’t know what kind they are, but they look distinctly squidgy.

A deliveryman for some place or other. He was going too fast for me to catch who he was delivering for, but the caution sign on the back says Soup On Board.

I also took a great picture of some koi in the aquarium of a Chinese restaurant, but I’m using that on the cover of the book I’m working on for Kindle and Smashwords publication. It’ll have all stories with animals in. Not like James Herriot, I’m telling you. The lead story is “Lonnie, Me and the Hound of Hell”.


writing prompt: Have a service person irritate a character. Write a service person who has a customer get irritated with him/her.