No thanks to my mother’s Ford Fusion. Four times now, the gas pedal has gone all Christine on me and floored itself, twice while I was on the expressway. Once, Mom was with me and #4 daughter was with me yesterday. I just have to stand on the brake to keep the car down to 65 or 70 until the gas pedal decides to spontaneously release.

So I call the Ford dealership where Mom bought the car, and the courteous woman at the repair desk tells me Ford doesn’t have a loaner program. I guess I could walk back to the country, if we didn’t have a second vehicle. I have to leave the car with them, so a technician can drive it and “verify the problem.”

I’m like, “Verify the problem? I told you the problem. Ford takes my mother’s money, but it doesn’t take her word for it that she was almost killed? Ford is calling me a liar?” She’s like, “I’m not calling you a liar.” I said, “You can’t take my word for it that the incidents happened? Why would I lie?”

Naturally, that didn’t get anywhere. So I’m taking the car in this afternoon, and I hope no technicians are killed in the process. Maybe I ought to drive, since I know how to survive one of those possibly non-existent incidents.

Sorry to be so crabby today. Hopefully a happier post tomorrow.


writing prompt: Put a character in my situation. Do it twice–once with a character you love and once with a character you dislike. Oh, do it three times–once with a character you don’t know very well.