I’ve been reading JASMINE NIGHTS by S. P. Somtow (My five-word review so far: Too much sex, great writing.). The book is set in Thailand and, even though I am not madly keen about Thai food (ICK! YUCK!), it put me in the mood for thin soup with bits in and cellophane noodles.

So I made this soup, and it was mighty tasty. No chili peppers, no peanuts, no fish sauce.

I had those ginormous portobello mushroom caps on sammiches the other day, and the stems were also ginormous but perfectly good–neither squidgy nor woody–so I kept them. Last night, I chopped them up and sauteed them with the white part of green onions in garlic-infused olive oil and a little sesame oil. Then I added about 2 1/2 cups of water and 2 cups-worth of vegetable bouillon. I had two or three stalks of asparagus, so I broke those up and put them in, shredded a little bit of cabbage and put that in, along with some water chestnuts. Then I added the green part of the green onions, a splash of soy sauce and a grating of fresh ginger and simmered it all for about 20 minutes. I had some rice noodles, so I broke some of those up into it and cooked it another 3-5 minutes and it was MOST tasty!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow, I will be my own Actual Content Tuesday guest, blogging about how I put two books up on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

In other “news”, I found all that broccoli I knew I bought for the soup last Friday. It was in the fruit drawer. I know I looked there! I think Harvey must have hidden it, just so he could watch me improvise.


writing prompt: Have a character get an overwhelming craving for a food he/she is reading about.