Okay, so Charlie had a couple of friends over for lunch yesterday. When he and I discussed what I would give them to eat, everything he suggested was meatless. He thought it might be nice to have ham on the sandwiches, though, but only if I could get some locally raised stuff.

I made the connection with a local family that raises and sells pork products, put in my order, and he came by and made the drop.

Then, when it was time to assemble the sandwich ingredients, Charlie was like, “Let’s not give them any, since we haven’t tried it yet ourselves.” Lucky thing, since it wasn’t all that great, AND it was sliced into steaks rather than sandwich slices AND the friend’s wife is Catholic. For all I know, she doesn’t abstain from meat on Fridays, but I was glad to have avoided the possibility of offering her something she might rather not have.

So here was what we had:

CREAM OF BROCCOLI SOUP: When I went to make the soup, I discovered that I had forgotten to get broccoli! I still had one head and three stems, though, so I chopped the most tender part of the stems and cooked it in water seasoned with seasoned salt and butter. Removed the cooked stems with a slotted spoon and mashed them. Cut the head into smallish florets and cook them in the same water. Removed them. Measured the water (about 2 cups) and put the broccoli back in. Mixed a cup of low-fat milk, a cup of heavy cream, a tablespoon of flour and enough veggie bouillon powder for 2 cups of water and stirred that into the warm water/broccoli. Heated on medium, stirring frequently, until hot through. It never did thicken, but it was very good anyway.

SAMMICHES: I got two avocadoes, which was a jolly good thing, since both of them were crappy. I managed to salvage about two tablespoons of pulp from them, mixed it with an equal amount of mayonnaise and spread it on bread (I used ciabbata). Provolone. Sprinkled giNORmous portobello caps with seasoned salt and olive oil and grilled 5 minutes a side and put that on and topped the sandwich with more bread. Brushed with olive oil and grilled both sides.

SALAD: Romain and regular lettuce, diced fresh pears, chopped walnuts and bleu cheese dressing.

TRIFLE: I sliced up some angel food cake and put some in the bottoms of rounded wine glasses. Topped with very juicy sugared strawberries. Topped with more cake, French Vanilla pudding, then whipped topping.

A good time was had by all.


writing prompt: Have a character with moral or religious dietary restrictions faced with a proud hostess who didn’t know about them.