Not a comment on the Derby, although I did, indeed, win nothing. No loss, though, since I bet nothing.

We decided not to have a family Derby Party this year. The kids don’t understand why the grownups want them to be quiet when nothing is on TV but people in goofy hats talking about horses and junk. And we all draw names of horses and put in a quarter for each horse, and the one who draws the winner gets the pot. If it isn’t one of the kids, the kids all get teary-eyed and the winner divides the take among the little ones. Unless I’m the winner, of course. The kids need to learn that you lose sometimes. Builds character. Besides, they need to know that “gambling” isn’t invariably a winning proposition. I’m such a responsible adult.

No, when I say, “I got nothing,” I mean I don’t have anything to post about today. It’s a gorgeous, blue-skied sunny day–how’s that? The grass needs mowing, if “grass” is the word I want for the combination of grasses, wildflowers, weeds and moss that covers the soil of our heaven-on-earth. Looking pretty shaggy. Charlie is talking about goats in lieu of replacing the balding tires on the mower. Mom would be delighted–she loves goats, for some reason. Personally, I can take them or leave them, except that I’m particularly fond of Jamaican goat curry.

I’ve been working some more on THE KING OF CHEROKEE CREEK, tweaking and formatting and downright re-working some of the stories. I’m almost satisfied with it.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Actual Content Tuesday, with author Ken Kuhlkin. Be sure to drop by tomorrow for some Actual Content!


writing prompt: Didn’t I say I got nothing? Didn’t I?