We have been most amused by the Garfield cartoon strip recently. Jon, Garfield’s “owner”, has started a blog that is apparently giving this one a run for its money as The Most Boring Blog in the Universe. I’ve done a Google search and haven’t found the blog, which raises the existential question, “Which is more boring: a real blog, the blog of an imaginary person, or the fictional blog of an imaginary person?”

If Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, would care to license me, a fellow Hoosier, to do so, I’d be happy to blog for Jon. One would hardly know the difference. “Al has barfed all over the front porch, the back porch and every surface in the basement he can reach; Katya has a bet with herself as to which she can shred more quickly, the edge of our new loveseat or the back screen door; Joe has crushed one of the hostas right in front of the house; Garfield is asleep.”

I wouldn’t charge much. Quarterly payments are acceptable.


writing prompt: What bores your main character the most?