Yes, I haunt it, but I’m not talking about myself. –Whaddya mean, “That’ll be the day”? Anyway, more about the title anon.

The bluets are out in force. I always forget how long they last. It seems like we have more and more of them every year. They grow best in rocky soil, and we live on played-out farmland, so the soil is mostly clay and broken stone. Charlie keeps the grass mown (yeah, I know, “mowed” is the preferred usage these days, but Middle English dies hard), so that gives the small plants a good foothold. Here are a snap of one of our bluet stands and a closeup of a single bloom taken from the fabulous Wise-Acre Gardens.

I went to snap one of our lonely irises–many are planted, but few bloom–and ran across this small but intense flower. If anybody knows what it is, I’d appreciate knowing.

Then I found and snapped one of two irises that came up in the iris bed. I don’t know if they need to be thinned or moved or if the detritus drift has covered their roots too deeply or what, but we get fewer blooms every year from a very dense growth of foliage. My Aunt Rose used to call these flags. Research tells me that only the German iris, with four petals up and four petals down, is properly called a flag iris, and that the French fleur-de-lis is based on this. Maybe that’s why they’re called “flag” iris? Anyway, that’s what Aunt Rose called them.

Now for the haunting. When I went to Mom’s, this was on her table. I was like, “What’s that?” And she said, “I don’t know. I found it in the garden when I was weeding.” Naturally, I had to take a picture of it. I felt like CSI or something. Then I played like I was the ME (Medical Examiner) and inspected it more closely, at which time I discovered that it’s a hickory nut. The coroner pronounced it deceased of undetermined causes, as the result of action by person or persons unknown. When I go down to Mom’s tonight, I think I’ll sprinkle it with holy water, just to make sure its spirit is at rest. You know how to make holy water, don’t you? And, no, the answer is not “bless the beer”.


writing prompt: Write about a haunted garden.