I went to church this A.M. to help with the Soup and Salad Luncheon. Some ladies had made deviled eggs, some had made vegetable or taco or broccoli/cheese soups or one of a variety of salads. I bought six heads of lettuce. Every time I try to cook for a church function, I mess up, so I decided to play it safe and buy the lettuce. I bought more than I was told, which was a good thing, since the lettuces were not entirely nice, and cutting away the brown spots left just enough good.

We had hot chicken salad and cold chicken salad and taco salad and pea salad and macaroni salad and pasta/spinach salad and slaw and gelatin salad and I don’t know what all. I washed dishes, stirred ingredients, opened doors, collected trays, bussed the tables and tried to stay out of the way of the ladies who were actually working.

Charlie brought Mom and I quit to have lunch, then went home with them and worked on a cover for my Hot Flashes book.

Then I needed to start making supper. We were stuffed from lunch, so I made–salad and sandwiches.

I baked some ciabatte (plural for ciabatta), a flattish little bread, as per ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY, and cooled it. Meanwhile, I fried some mushrooms in butter, then poured in some white wine and cooked it away into the ‘shrooms. My plan was to make mushroom and cheese sandwiches dressed with blue cheese dressing instead of mayonnaise and Panchocado Salad (avocado drizzled with lime juice, salt and pepper, as per my friend Pancho Garcia). But the avocado was only half nice–the other half had those brown veins in it–you know how it does–GROSS! So, instead, I had this:

Sammich: blue cheese dressing, mushrooms, good bits of avocado, salt/pepper and cheese (Swiss for Charlie and pepper jack for me). Brushed the sandwich press with garlic-flavored olive oil and grilled sandwiches until the cheese melted.

Salad: Romaine lettuce, fresh strawberries and skillet-toasted slivered almonds dressed with French dressing.

And–YES!–Rejoice with me, for I have a new tablecloth! Admit it–you were as tired as I was of those damn daisies. These are olives, olive flowers, and very faint maps of Italy. Most amusing. Well, it is, if your life is as dull as mine. Anyway, I’m delighted with the change of scene.


writing prompt: Have a character help out at a church/community/club event and see what happens.