Charlie bought an angel-food cake, for some reason. Neither of us is madly keen on angel-food cake. So there it is.

That’s why I’m thinking of trifle. Although angel-food cake is as close to a sugared sponge as I care to get, I can deal with it if it’s covered with things. Here is what I plan to do with it:

Break it up into bits. Put some in the bottom of a glass bowl. Soften some jelly or jam or preserves or open a can of pie filling and warm the contents. Soak the cake with liquid from the jam or etc. Maybe mix the sweet stuff with some wine–not cooking wine, drinking wine. Top with fruit. Top with more cake Top with vanilla pudding. Or maybe chocolate pudding. Top with whipped cream or whipped topping.

That would be good. It might also be good to cut it into cubes and dip it into melted semi-sweet chocolate and then cool it on waxed paper. That would cut some of the cloying sweetness.

Or I might break some into a wine glass and top it with cherries and chocolate sauce.

Or I might slice it thin and top it with fresh strawberries or with cooked strawberries and rhubarb.

Or I might slice it and drizzle it with warm Nutella.

I wonder what it would taste like processed into crumbs, mixed with honey or peanut butter or Nutella, rolled into balls and coated with crushed nuts?

We may have to get another angel-food cake when this one is gone.


writing prompt: What’s blooming in your main character’s garden? Dandelions? Orchids? Snow peas?