Busy day coming up. Delivering fund-raiser meals for the Leora Brown School.

Had a great visit yesterday with #4 daughter and her husband. Had a great traveling writers’ conference.

Had a couple of fabulous coffee drinks. The first was at Java Brewing. It’s called a beekeeper, and has honey and cinnamon in it. Isn’t it beautiful? The artist is Chuck Korson, and the coffee was as good as it was beautiful!

The other was “something good” by … Jacob? By that time, I was so tired I forgot to take pictures or names. That was at Heine Brothers’ Coffee.

After Heine Brothers’, I went to dinner and then to the Southern Indiana Writers meeting. Nobody had any work, so we schmoozed for a couple of hours. Saw this in the parking lot and had to snap it, it was so pretty. I’ve seen lots of these guys before, but I’ve never seen a pink one. Maybe they’re all pink, and I just never saw them before they browned up. Anyway, I thought it was pretty.

Enough stalling. I need to go do the doing.


writing prompt: Go find another writer and talk story.